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hey guys , please if you have couple of min… please answer this survey for my Marketing Research..


And then I promise if I get at least 6-8 responses, I’ll post loads of hotness of Danila Kozlovsky for you all.!! or anything else.=)))

and then yes, I’ll post Danila’S Photos, Benedict C, maybe even myself..




I just have one question to celebs who save their nude picture on icloud: WHY? Just why ?
Its the icloud! Its everywhere you go! (Even if its true or not)

Well I mean, they’re THEIR nudes so… they don’t expect some creep getting into their computer..

But still unconsciously,if u have a nude photo even on your phone,u still know that somehow someone might see it! Even with the password anything can happen.🙊Just save it on laptop and thats it!
Not the icloud or dropbox(lol). 😁😁😁

Sooo shall we get awesome and fit as hell?!!! Just do it! The important thing js consistency! ;ve been to the gym(jogging and a bit of weights) everyday and in a 1 month lost 8kg. ..eating everything just a bit smaller portions..drinking plenty and smiling!!😁😁😁😃😃😃😃 (still a long way to go to my dream weight-approx 10kg more ) hell yeah

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